Faculty of Science
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    Create scientific distinguished leaders with human values.

    Pioneer academic programs with international quality standards to establish excellence in scientific research and innovation to meet the needs of labor market.

    1. Achieving excellence in the programs offered for university education and scientific research.

    2. Preparing qualified graduates with distinctive competence to lead the labor market .

    3. Contributing to the Arabization of science through publication, writing, and translation to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology .

    4. Providing scientific and technical services and consultations in all relevant areas .

    5. Activating community partnerships with the governmental and industrial sectors in the Kingdom .

    6. Activating communication with the world's top universities corresponding to specializations and international experts in various fields to support scientific research .

    7. Sponsoring entrepreneurial projects and businesses to empower talented people and develop their personalities according to creative standards .

    1. Excellence: efficiency and distinguished performance both nationally and internationally, based on hard work and diverse innovative research .

    2. Leadership: motivate positive, constructive and fruitful action based on human and professional ethics.

    3. Teamwork: promote collective participation based on mutual respect to instill a spirit of teamwork and develop the team academically and professionally.

    4. Transparency: enhance the principles of clarity and credibility in performance and evaluation .

    5. Integrity: an ethical and professional commitment based on honesty, loyalty and adherence to duties .

    6. Diversity: promote academic and professional cooperation with diverse cultures based on inclusion and respect for the different points of view .

    7. Pioneering: empower the individual to take the lead in creating ideas and action plans to address community issues as a real active partner.


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